simple tips on motivating yourself to write a good essay

How to Motivate Yourself to Write a Good Essay?

Writing any text may at times be not as easy as you might have thought when you were postponing the essay writing assignment until the very last day. But nothing can be done, and no more procrastination is possible when the deadlines are severely pressing! What to do now? How to gather wits and complete the task on time? Our experts have compiled a series of advice for you that you can find here and at – enjoy our valuable tips and learn to be always on time with your writing tasks!

Effectively Dealing with Procrastination

Postponing things until later is a common feature of many people, there’s nothing awful about it if you are ready to concentrate in the last moment and get all things done perfectly. There are many pretexts people use to justify their proneness to procrastination like:

“I work best under pressure”

“When I start long beforehand, I work slower and still finish on time, so I waste much more time on the task than completing it in the last moment”

Do you recognize yourself in such statements? That’s indeed a bad working habit, first of all because you may let other people down when you work in a team. Hence, the first step of dealing with it is to recognize it and see the problem in it. Now let’s start fighting procrastination by developing positive habits:

  • Learn to prioritize. You should clearly see the importance of things you plan doing, and be true to yourself regarding which part of it should be done first, and which ones can truly wait for several days.
  • Manage the hardest part first. Once you are done, you will feel much freer, and there will be no more need to postpone the writing process because you don’t want to perform that hard task (be it outline writing, conducting research, going to the library, etc. – it’s all individual) because it is already done!
  • Give yourself time for rest. By breaking down the writing work into small parts and seeing the end to each of them, you will make the whole process easier and more enjoyable.

Speeding Up the Writing Process

Remember: writing is easy for those who practice it regularly! Once you dread writing and postpone each assignment, and then complete it in haste a night before submission, you will definitely develop a highly negative attitude to writing as such. Find a new place, a creative environment in which you feel relaxed, and writing will go much quicker and smoother. Another piece of advice is to make a detailed outline, have some rest to refresh your thoughts, and then start the writing process with a fresh mind and in strict compliance with the outline – that will give you a new boost of forces and you will definitely complete the writing quicker. However, do not haste to submit your writing masterpiece to the tutor – leave some time to proofread and check it. A helpful tip you might see on our site and other materials from Spider Essay writers is to read the essay from the end to the start; this will help you not to concentrate on the logical flow of the paper but to see technical errors and typos better.